MUVI™ K-SERIES K2NPNG Includes: LCD Screen, Rugged Carry Case, Waterproof Case, Tripod Mount, Right Angle Mount, Flat Velcro Mount   The MUVI K-Series has a new smaller & sleeker form...
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Includes: LCD Screen, Rugged Carry Case, Waterproof Case, Tripod Mount, Right Angle Mount, Flat Velcro Mount

The MUVI K-Series has a new smaller & sleeker form factor which makes this camera even more versatile than the previous MUVI HD models. Measuring only 6cm x 4cm x 2.3cm (2.7in x 2in x 1in) the K-Series is the smallest high definition MUVI yet, meaning handsfree video capture is easier than ever before.

The MUVI K2 records high definition 1080p video at 60 FPS as well as 720p at 120 FPS using the new MUVI XA-7 Achilles chipset and has a choice of bit rate, the default being 19 Mbit/s. As well as settings great for handsfree video capture the K2 also has settings to enable broadcast quality video capture for professional and pro-sumer use.

The K2 captures stills at 8, 12 and 16 megapixel, and now comes equipped with photo burst mode that allows you to take up to 10 photos per second, which is perfect for trying to achieve the perfect action shot. Additional new features include 180 degree rollover which means if you are mounting your K-Series upside down the footage plays back the correct way up and G-sensor auto-start which allows you to set your MUVI to start recording on a change of gravity. You can also now capture interval stills during video capture at a set of pre-defined periods so you can save the best still images handsfree while capturing footage.

The MUVI K2 now has an interchangeable, rechargeable lithium battery which has a capacity of 1500mAh, the largest on the handsfree camera market, which will allow up to 4 hours of continuous recording.

It also ships with the K-series waterproof case enabling dives of up to 100m and has operational buttons for video control and photo capture underwater. The K-Series waterproof case also has a changeable back door for use with or without the detachable LCD screen and has a port opening for charge and record purposes when your waterproof case is mounted outside water. The K2 NPNG is also fully compatible with all the current mounts and accessories in the MUVI HD range.

The K2 NPNG bundle ships in a protective carry case that also includes a detachable viewing screen so that you can change settings and navigate the on screen menu, use as a view finder or review your footage. The NPNG bundle also packs 8GB of memory to get you started as well as additional mounting options.

The MUVI K-series now comes with built-in Wi-Fi with a range up to 60 metres, which allows you to connect and pair with your smartphone. The MUVI K-Series APP allows you to connect your K-Series camcorder wirelessly to your iPhone via WiFi so that you can view live, record videos, take photos and share through email, Facebook, Twitter and more.  The app is available on the Google Play Store & also on the Apple iOS App Store.

The MUVI K2 NPNG still has all the features as its predecessor, such as loop-recording, auto video, time lapse continuous photo, exposure control & digital zoom


Resolution: 1080p @ 60fps / 720p @ 120fps
Chipset: XA-7 - Achilles
Bit Rate 19 mbit/s
Battery: 1500mAh (interchangeable)
Wireless: Yes
Wireless Range: Up to 40 metres
LCD Backpack: Yes
Memory: 8GB
Waterproof Case: Yes - 100m depth
Carry Case: Yes
App: Yes (iOS & Android)
Weight: 84g
Dimensions: 6cm x 4cm x 2.3cm

Whats in the box:

- K2 MUVI™ K-Series Camera
- Battery
- USB Charging Cable
- K-Series Tripod Mount
- Right Angle Mount
- Flat Velcro Mount
- Flat 3M Mount
- Waterproof Case
- Flat Back for Waterproof Case
- Anti-Mist Tabs
- Tripod Arm (for WPC)
- LCD Back for Waterproof Case
- 3M Curved Helmet Mount
- Helmet Front Mount
- LCD Screen
- 8GB microSD Card
- CMOS Protector
- NPNG Lanyard
- Muvi Decal Sticker
- No Proof No Glory Decal Sticker
- No Proof No Glory Sticker
- Printed Quick Start Guide